Inspiration Tree

I had a spare hour this evening and wanted to make a video about the ‘Inspiration Tree’ in Austin Kleon’s ‘Steal Like an Artist’ (I don’t think he calls it an inspiration tree, that’s a name I’ve given it.) If you’re wondering why I got the Peanut 1985-86 collection, it’s because I was born in…

Thought Bubble Festival 2016

Every year I seem to miss out on Thought Bubble, usually due to work commitments. However, this year I got to go! I went with my girlfriend and met up with a friend from social media, Mat Roff ( Mat and myself have been chatting for a couple of years online and earlier this year collaborated…

Visiting The Hepworth

On Sunday my girlfriend and I visited The Hepworth Wakefield, we’ve been meaning to go for awhile, but never seem to get round to it. So with not much planned and without many other ideas we drove over to Wakefield. It was a chance to get out of the house, take the camera and soak…

Animating, F’ YEAH!

Animating is really fun and something I don’t get a lot of time to do. However, couple of months back I had a few free mornings and went on a creative spree, lots of short animation projects. Below are just some of them and you can see more on my Instagram. At some point in…

Creativity, There Are No Rules

Creativity… After a few weeks of being uninspired and tired of my own mind being somewhat lost I delved into the art section of a book shop in search of something to pull me out of my creative blues. Here I found a little yellow book by Sir John Hegarty, ‘Hegarty on Creativity, There Are…

Fox Pattern

This is a simple fox pattern. Created in Photoshop.

Stormtroopers love a giraffe ride

Sometimes I sit in front of the computer and think what should I do today… Then a sudden thought strikes me like a bolt of lightening. Stormtroopers on a giraffe!!

Custom birthday invites.

A 1st birthday is always important and I got asked to created an invitation & thank you postcard. I couldn’t get a great picture of the cards, but never mind. If you’d like custom made cards, invites, banners etc please get in touch!!

You Wash Owl Dry

I think this would make a cool print for any kitchen, so I think I’ll make that happen!

Whatever the Weather

This started out as a simple doodle, but I decided to recreate it in photoshop. It would make a nice print or greeting card.

True Love Never Dies

Halloween is creeping upon us!! I’ll be getting a limited run of prints made of this design. Reasonably priced!!