Hello, my name is James Wall. I’m a filmmaker. (Thanks for visiting my website).

For many years I’ve been a one-stop shop for all film needs. I’ve made a 90 minute feature film, a six-second Vine (RIP) and everything in between. I’ve worked with Hollywood A-listers and local bands. I’ve filmed the sunrise over the Nevada desert and the sunset in Yorkshire Dales. My work has been shared by some of the biggest platforms on the internet.

I’ve pioneered social media as a film platform, racking up millions of views in the process. I’ve had numerous successes, like the time I made a rap battle between Kevin Hart and Stormzy, or when I took a 12 hour holiday to Ibiza and captured it all (which went on to be nominated for a Cannes Lion Award).

I was part of a team that made 5 feature length documentaries in 12 months, documentaries that premiered at cinemas. I can’t forget the 2 sports documentaries that have trended on Amazon Prime.

I was one of the first filmmakers to release a full feature film on YouTube, amassing over 5 million views, gaining national press and giving a talk at one of the most prestigious film festivals in the UK. In stark contrast I also made a video on my phone of me talking about my girlfriend’s owl obsession, which was viewed a million times on Facebook. Knowing what’s relatable and reacting to that is the key to an entertaining video.

When it comes to social media for me, knowing your platform is the most important part of sharing moving image. Each has its own audience and those, in turn, are used for different purposes. Facebook isn’t YouTube and neither are Instagram or Twitter. Just because a video works on one of them doesn’t mean that same video will work on the other. It’s essential to craft the project for each platform.

Telling a great story isn’t about having the best camera; it’s knowing how to tell it. A quote that’s stayed with me throughout my whole career as a filmmaker is: “The best camera is the one you’ve got with you.” Technology can aid a story, but it can’t tell it. The person behind the technology does that. (Although I do like working with the best equipment).

Career Highlights; In 2010 I graduated with a First Class (BA) Hons Degree. Also in 2010 the website Creative Boom featured me after I took part in a Doodle Fest with a broken wrist. In 2012 I wrote, produced and shot my first feature film ‘The Truth About Romance.’ In June 2013 TTAR was made available to watch in full (completely free!!) on YouTube. The film has gone on to gain over a million views, worldwide.  In January 2014 I was featured in Digital Filmmaker Magazine (4 page article) regarding my success with TTAR. In March 2014 I was a guest speaker at Bradford Film Festival (Filmmakers’ Weekend). Late 2014 I was hired by TheLADbible, one of the biggest entertainment websites in the UK. In 2015 there were many, including the BBC News sharing a social experiment, 12 Hour Holiday for Doritos, which was nominated for a Cannes Lions Award and getting onto the front page of Reddit. 2016 started with a bang working with the likes of Will Ferrell, Kristen Wiig, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, Trips to LA, Las Vegas, Boston and Dallas where I filmed content for WrestleMania. I was a thrill to make a short documentary on real life gangster Mark Silverman. Summer 2016 I moved to Leeds media company The City Talking, working in the film department. By the end of of 2016 I’d edited three feature length documentaries. The Fashion in Leeds Doc premiered at the Vue Cinema. 2017 started with a bang, I worked in the post production department on Leeds United doc ‘Do You Want To Win?’, which premiered at Everyman cinema with a red carpet. We also had a Tech documentary premiere in London. In 2018 we went into production with ‘As Good As It Gets?’ which sold out a full week on screenings and went on to trend on Amazon Prime. Also 2018 I finished the script to my feature film ‘Friend for Hire’ which is generating buzz online.

I create to inspire.


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  1. Felix Grey says:

    I just watched your movie, the truth about romance. I clapped my hands when it was over.

    So rare these days to find real meaning and teaching through a film.

    The main character gets a mind healing from Emily. It’s almost as if she is a passing angel to give him the experience she gives him. (Though I wasn’t comfortable with the stealing of the boat.) But basically she helps to free him from the trapped way his mind has been tyrannizing him.

    Plus the writing of the script is about truth telling and being yourself versus playing the games and buying into the

    unable to write here as the text is not working not working


    Oregon, USA

    1. jamesgwall says:

      Thanks for the comment!

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