Street Video Project

Another week, the third week in a row, and I’m starting to find my own style. I mentioned last week that this feels like street photography but in video form, the more I realise that the more is takes on it’s own form of art. I really think this is becoming a project rather than a challenge. In my original Instagram/Facebook post I said that this challenge would evolve as the days went on and that’s exactly what it’s done.

The level of videos was definitely upped this week, that ‘creating a vibe’ definitely became more apparent this week, but I feel it’s important to look outside of the obvious. Yes, a busker or homeless person does create a story and emotions, but there are lots of stories amongst the streets. And again, this project shouldn’t just be limited to the streets, it’s a project about people, the buildings, pets, jobs, behaviours, etc…


If I had to criticise myself, then it would definitely be the colour grading, I certainly enjoyed myself too much this week and the colours are very vibrant, verging on OTT, I need to make sure I pull that back.

As always the equipment used: Filmed on a Canon 750d, with a Canon 50mm f1.8 and a Canon 55-250 mm f/4-5.6 STM IS Telephoto Zoom Lens.

I do think it’s time to invest in a small mic, I do have a Rode Videomic, but I feel it’s a tad big and want something more discreet.


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