Creating a Vibe


Last week was all about getting out there in situations I wouldn’t normally find myself in. Being a filmmaker is usually about having a plan and having a controlled environment. By heading out without a plan opens my mind to new ways of filming, things I wouldn’t usually think about filming.


This week I tried a slightly different approach and filmed subjects, still without a plan or knowing what the subject were going to be… Again, like last week, this was a really enjoyable exercise. First of all it got me talking to people, I’d never film someone without asking them first, but it’s surprising how many people are fine with you pointing a camera at them after a short chat and a smile.


I’m starting to think of this as a type of street art, street video… Is that a thing?

The light is dropping so quickly and by 2pm my zoom lens is struggling at it’s f5.6, although the darkness at midday does bring a certain atmosphere. I love trying to capture a vibe, looking at what’s going on in the street and letting it tell a story. Sometimes it’s down to luck, things just happen, others times I have to walk down a few streets before I see something.

Anyway, Let’s see what next week brings. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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