Make Something Every Day

So last week I challenged myself to make a short visual video every day, I’ve had a bit of a creative slump the last couple of weeks and need something to drag myself through it.

Doing a challenge like this has been on my mind for a couple of months, but I’ve been too lazy to actually do it, lazy probably isn’t the right word, some times I have a fear of getting my camera out of my bag… Sounds daft but it’s true. I find once I have the camera out and in hand I’m perfectly fine, it’s just that initial getting it out and using it. Odd, really. However, by doing this every day it’s made me feel much more at ease.

The rules to this challenge are simple, I have to find an area on my lunch and shoot at least 10 interesting shots, edit them together to create a visual vibe. It’s a way to be creative whilst training my eye to capture something and compose a shot most people wouldn’t realise is there.

**It’s worth noting that my day-to-day life makes it hard to get anything creative done. Majority of the time I eat my lunch at my desk, so this challenge doesn’t sound like much but it is to me.

I’ve found making these videos really fun and I’m definitely looking at things differently. I’ve posted the videos to Instagram and Facebook each day, and they’ve surprisingly gone down well.

I’ve put the first full week together to watch here.

I’m not using any amazing equipment, just my Canon 750d and a couple of entry level lenses; Canon 50mm and 55mm – 250mm, again using equipment like this is part of the challenge, there are definitely limitations to what can be achieved.

I’m a huge fan of that shallow depth of field and high contrast image, which is evident from the weekly visuals.
I guess it’s a matter of how long I can keep it going for on a daily basis…



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