Thought Bubble Festival 2016

Every year I seem to miss out on Thought Bubble, usually due to work commitments. However, this year I got to go! I went with my girlfriend and met up with a friend from social media, Mat Roff ( Mat and myself have been chatting for a couple of years online and earlier this year collaborated on a comic book (Mary’s Monster Massacre). He message me saying he was going and we all met!


Thought Bubble itself is very overwhelming, it’s much bigger than I thought. We started with one quick lap of the entire thing to see what was there, then went for a coffee and to take it all in, once refreshed we headed back in to check out the things that stood out.

Before going there were a few writers/artist I was looking forward to see, mostly ones that I’d enjoyed the work of over the last 6-12 months. But it was the indie guys that I enjoyed talking to the most. Nearly all of them were happy to have a chat about their work and explain how they came up with the ideas and concepts. I met some really fantastic people.

Most everybody that I bought something off I asked if I could take their photo. For many reason, one for this blog, two to practice my photography and three to give them something back (it’s also a great way to get back in contact and make a connection).

I bought quite a lot and definitely spent over the budget I’d given myself. I’ve not managed to get through everything so far, but one of the things that really stands out is Cat and Meringue (, it’s quite possibly my new favourite thing. Just the idea makes me laugh. Nich Angell (the creator) was a treat to chat to, very funny person and seemed genuinely thankful we stopped to chat and buy pretty much everything he had to offer (book, mug, hat, tattoos, stickers, we bought the lot!).

The other highlights were getting our portrait drawn in the style of a sloth by Sajan Rai ( I got a great little book by Rus Hadda (, about his life with his cat, much of it I could related to and a lot of it was like reading my own life… He also had some awesome cat tattoo style prints (cattoo’s as he calls them), something I’ll buy in the future, I may even get one tattooed.


Finally I got an ace badge from The Sad Ghost Club (, which I proudly wear. I’m a big believer in their message, my family have a history with mental illness and anything that makes the awareness more prominent I’ll try to get behind.


Oh and I can’t forget the amazing print I picked up (featured image) of Jerry and The Starfish. When we first saw it we laughed as the resemblance was a little too close… It’s by Daniel Duncan ( and it hangs above my desk. There’s a few things I haven’t got round to looking at yet, mainly ‘Filmish’ a comic novel by Edward Ross (pictured above). I’ve looked at this so many times, I was once a film student myself, but I’m happy I held out and bought it from the man himself and got it signed. Looking forward to reading it (once I have I’ll do a full review)!

Overall we had a great time, cheers Thought Bubble!

Here’s a video from the volt!
Shot back in 2011, day after my birthday night out. I was incredibly hungover and I filmed it all by myself. Ah to be young!


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