Visiting The Hepworth


On Sunday my girlfriend and I visited The Hepworth Wakefield, we’ve been meaning to go for awhile, but never seem to get round to it. So with not much planned and without many other ideas we drove over to Wakefield.

It was a chance to get out of the house, take the camera and soak up some culture (and eat, I really like eating out). I do enjoy visiting art galleries, but I’ll admit I’m not always sure on modern art… Some people love it, some people hate it, I’m kind of on the fence, I take each piece as they come. Some I find very interesting and they spark conversations and other pieces I can’t quite place.

At one point in the gallery there was a young lady playing the piano, it really helped set the atmosphere in the exhibition, in the corner of the room we peered out of a window and watched the river, it was a blustery day and the river was thrashing around. In the middle a heron stood completely still against the elements. The large window framed the view perfectly, accompanied by the piano it created a mesmerising ‘piece of art’ (as seen in the video below). This was the highlight of the day, if only the Hepworth had planned it…

I’ve not taken a “proper” photo in years. My iPhone has always been my photo camera and with each generation I’ve been more and more impressed with it’s quality. However, recently something made me want to re-discover photography. As a filmmaker the two go hand in hand, and these days I mainly shoot video on dslr’s, so it makes sense to use it to take photos… Also, my girlfriend has shown an interest in it too so we’ve been learning together, she actually took the image of myself at the top!

The video above is something I shot whilst walking around. There was a sewing exhibition that visitors could take part in, whilst Vicky got involved I took the opportunity to get some footage. I live by the rule “never forget your camera”, you never know when you might need.

A lot of the time I use my iPhone to film with (that bloody thing again!), it’s always with me and I’m not scared of losing it or dropping it, whereas most of the cameras I use cost thousands of pounds. However, recently I purchased a small cheap dslr that can (almost) achieve a look I’m happy capturing these every day moments.

I very much enjoyed this, taking photos, getting enough footage to make a short video, the general adventure of the day. Expect much more of these blogs in the future!


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