Custom birthday invites.

A 1st birthday is always important and I got asked to created an invitation & thank you postcard. I couldn’t get a great picture of the cards, but never mind. If you’d like custom made cards, invites, banners etc please get in touch!!

You Wash Owl Dry

I think this would make a cool print for any kitchen, so I think I’ll make that happen!

Whatever the Weather

This started out as a simple doodle, but I decided to recreate it in photoshop. It would make a nice print or greeting card.

True Love Never Dies

Halloween is creeping upon us!! I’ll be getting a limited run of prints made of this design. Reasonably priced!!

Mr. Mouschief

This is Mr. Mouschief, part of my friendly monsters series. He likes his moustache, being mischievous and wearing socks.


Here’s Yoda, looking a bit worried about these new Star Wars sequels… I wonder if they’ll do a Yoda spin off, him on the planet of Dagobah all alone, talking to himself…

Cute little fox

Here’s a cute little fox I made yesterday. What should his name be?

BLOOP the Friendly Monster.

This is Bloop, he’s a friendly monster. He particularly enjoys hugs, biscuits and trying on fancy hats. I’m fond of doodling monsters, I’m thinking about writing short stories to go with the illustrations? Thoughts? JGW 🙂

Space Owl

So it’s been awhile since I last updated. To say sorry, here’s a Space Owl. Feel free to save it and share it on social media, y’know for fun times!! JGW 🙂