Doodle 022 – 027

Bit of a doodle update. Remember the idea is to do a quick doodle a day. Keep the creativity going!!

I learnt my lesson, thanks Reddit.

I’m proud of my film, The Truth About Romance, if I see an opportunity to share it I will. Awhile ago I did the Reddit’s IAMA, which people can ask you questions about whatever you are, me being a filmmaker that’s made a no budget feature film. This went down really well, I got good…

Doodle 020

I spend most of my day thinking about biscuits.

Changing the film industry.

Following on from my previous post, I’m still on a power trip to change the way we watch independent films, low budget indie films to be precise. As I mentioned, it’s getting harder to see these types of films because the distribution platforms don’t work for them. Even the indie films that have star names…

Doodle catch up 009 to 013.

I’ve kept on track with my doodle a day challenge, just haven’t had chance to post them. Also in other news my film is over 70,000 views on YouTube!!

I’m in Digital Filmmaker Magazine

I’m in this months issues of Digital Filmmaker Magazine. You can buy it online or if you’re in the UK you can grab a copy at WHSmiths. It’s a great achievement for me. Getting press for The Truth About Romance as been a real pain in the arse, and I’ve worked hard at contacting websites,…