On Wednesday I asked my Twitter followers; What are your biggest ambitions of being a filmmaker?

Robert Dawes (@RobertBBrain) answered “To leave behind a legacy of work that I was proud of.” That’s a beautiful answer, I think no matter what we do in life we all want to leave a legacy behind, to be remembered, I know I do. What I really liked about Robert’s answer is “of work that I was proud of.”

I believe in the world of the internet the latter of Robert’s answer is can forgotten, it’s so easy to post the things we say and create online that sometimes quality is lost. I know that I’m guilty of this. I’ve created numerous blogs, video channels, twitter accounts, facebook pages, and all the other social network/media sites. I’ve most likely posted things I’d rather the world forgot about. I’m sure if you dare to travel far enough back on my Twitter you’ll see lots of silly posts from moments where I’d forgotten my professionalism. I now think and think and think about everything, but I leave room to experiment.

We now live in a world where we need acclaim immediately and we can start our legacy without an audience. You don’t have to impress some rich businessman in a tall building for a chance to show the world what you can do, you just need an email address.

However, with that said, the internet is over saturated with poor poor content. You have to really dig to find something you want. I’m a massive fan of YouTube, I watch it daily, I get utterly jealous when I see teenagers with thousands of subscribers because they talk to the camera. A lot of these ‘Vloggers’ have made a career out of it. There isn’t anything wrong with this, I watch and enjoy a lot of them, but did they set out in life to have an audience? I’ve wanted to make films for years, since I was a boy, I sometimes watch these people and think they’re stealing my legacy, (which their not, I’m just jealous.)

I think one of the biggest problems with the creative world is we share too much. We post too many average videos, and more importantly we post our secrets. It’s nice to share, and we all learn from it. However, the field is level, it’s hard to know who the talented ones are and who the ones copying the talented ones are. The days of watching a film and being blown away by the special effects, sound, cinematography, etc are almost lost because I can Google it and somewhere on some channel or blog somebody will have figured it out and told the rest of the world.

I want my legacy to be my own. I want people to watch my work and know that it was created by James G. Wall, it’s original, and it’s got my personality all over it.

Be inspired by the work of other artists, but don’t copy or mimic, because the best you can be is second best to the original.



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