It’s that time of the year where I start to reflect on the things I’ve done, achieved, failed, the things I’d wish I’d done, and those that I plan on doing.

Life is a series of small to-do-lists, we should really make them every day, make that commitment with ourselves. Once it’s there in writing it is a constant reminder, it doesn’t go away until we can cross it off and the only way that is possible is to complete the task.

I like to dream big, I don’t see the point in living if I don’t have something incredible to look forward to. Yes, I may not get much sleep because I’m forever practicing my Academy Award speech, but it’s that desire to want to achieve something remarkable which makes me keep going.

No, I am not a robot and I wouldn’t want you to believe that I wake up every single day with that same burning desire to create. Sometimes I need something extra to motivate myself, some days I find it and some I don’t. Unfortunately with big dreams comes big heart-ache and disappointment. I want an audience, I want a big audience, that love my work and will hang on to my every last word. However, everything takes time and I’ve a year of working extremely hard and probably haven’t progressed as far as I would’ve liked.

That doesn’t mean I’ve had a failure of a year, it just means that I’m not satisfied. When I’ve achieved something, crossed something off my to-do-list I don’t stop there I add something new, I keep going, dreaming and work harder.

It it that mentality that I will continue in 2013.



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