A question from Twitter (@Omegawill) How do you decide what to make, Inspirations/Process/Rituals?
Inspiration can come from anywhere. Anything that sparks my imagination, whether that be a film, book, photo, a conversation, song, food, a dream, literally anything. Watching other artist’s work is really inspirational, especially when I see something that wow’s me. It makes me want to get straight to work. Talking to other artists about their work and about the future, and where I’d like to be myself really gets me in the mood to create. Seeing other people’s success, not just artists, but anybody that has build a career from nothing. Hard work. And, finally getting credit for my own work. Knowing that people enjoy what I’m making and I’m inspiring others makes me want to do better.
The process depends on the project. They all usually start with a walk. I love going on walks, I live near a canal so that’s my usually journey, I know it well enough that I can completely slip into a daydream and let my auto-pilot guide me around. Being outside is also a massive relief from being sat at my desk. It’s nice to be surrounded by nature. I’ll let my mind run away with the idea, play around with it. I sometimes take a notebook so I can write down any really good ideas.
Rituals… I think we all have some sort of ritual, even if we don’t know it. I know when I’m editing or writing, and it’s a long session, I like to surround myself with snacks and drink. Make sure the only reason I need to leave the desk is either for a break or a toilet. There isn’t anything really crazy I do… like slaughter an animal or set fire to myself.
Hope this emails, and if you’d like me to go into any further detail about a particular area I’d be more than happy to.

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